We provide height grow programme at our Pune clinic. Person not physible to visit Pune clinic can start online or doorstep programme by sending information about them like correct height in cm, weight in kg, date of birth through email – drk2s@yahoo.co.in to start a course, there is no age limit but it is ideal age bellow 21 yrs for best result.
Height grow programme includes -
>> Scientific Ayurvedic Case taking
>> Weight, height measurement
>> Lifestyle, Diet, Yoga Consultation
>> One month Ayurvedic herb tables
>> Pulse diagnoses
Benefits -
 Height gain
 Memory concentration
 Safe & natural
 No Compulsion for Diet, Exercise
 Improvement in ageing, degeneration, stamina, fitness, skin, hair health
 Remove complaints like –
     • Low memory, concentration, apetite
     • Choosiness in food
     • Sleep Complain
     • Weight gain - loss
     • Lens reduction
     • Bed wetting
     • Dandruff, hair fall
     • Tooth decay

And Many More !!!

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